ALLL Webinar for Bankers
On January 30, 2018, Abrigo will host a webinar that answers the question many financial institution leaders are asking: what should a real-life bank with real-life data be doing for the current expected credit loss (CECL) model?

In the webinar, Abrigo is joined by leaders from Bank Independent, a community bank based in Sheffield, AL, who will explain and demonstrate some of the decisions they have made for CECL implementation and how software has played a role in their preparations to date.

The webinar is open for registration now and free of charge. The event takes place on Tuesday, January 30 at 11 a.m. ET.

Attendees will learn

  • Common questions for real institutions operating with real data
  • Expected loss methodologies that Bank Independent is evaluating and their decision-making framework
  • Benefits they have experienced through preparation

Register Now at Case Study: How Bank Independent is Solving the CECL puzzle

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