About Us

Abrigo provides technology that community financial institutions use to manage risk and drive growth. Our solutions automate key processes – from anti-money laundering to fraud detection to lending solutions – empowering our customers by addressing their Enterprise Risk Management needs.

Abrigo’s allowance solutions offer financial institutions flexibility in their path to Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) compliance. Abrigo supports more institutions than any other CECL vendor, and its customizable software technologies feature robust models that can run various scenario analyses, as well as data warehouse options to help financial institutions collect the information they need to produce forecasts and inform their directors of the credit risk they face. Other benefits include profitability analysis and portfolio optimization, which help institutions confidently transition to CECL and leverage allowance data for portfolio management. Both the Sageworks ALLL and MST Loan Loss Analyzer (LLA) have been endorsed as CECL solutions by the American Bankers Association.

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