How does your ALLL stack up to your peers’?

Mar 18, 2015

ALLL benchmark


More times than not, bankers are comfortable with their figures and confident in their calculations. However, it always adds an extra degree of reassurance when you see that those around you are arriving at a similar ending number.

For those interested in viewing how their institution stacks up against the crowd, McGladrey recently published a useful resource to allow bankers to do just that. In their “National Loan Loss Reserve Survey,” McGladrey provides an overview of the average ending figures for 306 banks with respect to total reserve, unallocated reserve, ASC 450-20 (FAS 5), ASC 310-10-35 (FAS 114) and various other components of the ALLL calculation.

Some key takeaways include:

To see more statistics, including those for your particular region, download McGladrey’s National Loan Loss Reserve Survey.