As part of a three-pronged approach to help Abrigo’ clients transition to the excepted loss accounting standard, Abrigo will kick off in March 2018 a series of CECL Transition Workshops to take place across the country.
These events will be open to all financial institutions, not just those who subscribe to the company’s ALLL solution.

These one-day seminars will include hands-on case studies covering the following ALLL topics:

• A review of basic CECL principles
• Data, segmentation, methodology, average life, and forecasting
• Executing the practical CECL transition methodology

Each attendee will be provided with a computer that’s pre-loaded with access to case studies and access to Sageworks ALLL, which will be used to demonstrate different loss rate methodologies and scenarios. This exercise will help attendees to figure out what would work best for the institution in their own transition plans.

In addition to the case studies, attendees will also have a chance to interact with Advisory Services and Implementation Teams from Abrigo to ask questions related to their own data, concentration and transition timelines.

At the conclusion of the day-long event, Abrigo will also host a reception for attendees as a networking opportunity.

Sessions will be useful for senior executives as well as preparers of the ALLL calculation; our hands-on approach is tailored toward specific scenarios we have encountered in our transition work. Attendees should expect to interact with measurement tools during the live session. Pre-event work will include a review of conceptual video and text content as well as materials introducing the case study that will be examined at the live workshop.

The first workshop kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia, in March. See upcoming locations and dates as well as the registration form Abrigo CECL Transition Workshops. The full schedule includes the following cities:

  • Atlanta, GA: March 14
  • New York, NY: April 12
  • Nashville, TN: June 14
  • Los Angeles, CA: July 12
  • Chicago, IL: August 9
  • Washington, DC: October 11
  • Austin, TX: November 8

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